Moments in Watercolour - a solo exhibition by Kavita Rajput


'Moments in Watercolour' is a collection of watercolour paintings that celebrate the beauty in images we see every day. The play of light and shadow created by a circular stairway, the memories hidden behind the ornate details of a shophouse or even in a humble bicycle.


Through her work, artist Kavita Rajput invites you to see the world through her eyes, to take a pause to notice the ordinary and even if just for one moment, experience the magic in the everyday.


Included in the exhibit is the ‘Never Alone’ series where Kavita attempts to capture us as we go about our lives, always connected, always online. She aims to bear witness to our fleeting times and capture the ubiquitous mobile phone before it becomes a thing of the past!


Venue: ION Art Gallery, ION Orchard Level 4


Dates: March 14-20, 2015 


Watercolour Workshops for Absolute Beginners by Kavita Rajput


If you have ever felt inspired to paint and didn't know how, come and join me for one of my Watercolour Workshops and create your own masterpiece! Try your hand at painting in a casual environment surrounded by many of Kavita's works.


Absolute Beginners most welcome!


Venue: ION Art Gallery, ION Orchard Level 4


Dates:  Monday, March 16 2015, 12-3pm

          Wednesday, March 18 2015, 6-9pm

           Friday, March 20 2015, 6-9pm 


RSVP to reserve a spot!