With Kindergarteners

I did a little presentation for my son's class about big and scary goals, my k-art365 challenge, regular practise and perseverance. They were thoroughly involved through the whole story and enjoyed looking at all the paintings. I also did a small painting demo of a tree at the end. Had a really fulfilling time interacting with the little ones.

Touching them up...

2015 is over. But I'm clearly not yet done with my 365. Now starting once again to touch them up, just a little bit. To do the little things I didn't get time to do last year. One painting at a time...

Kids lessons have now started!

After resisting it for many months, I have finally taken the plunge! Kids (ages 11-14) art lessons have finally started in the K-ARt world. Beginning with the very basics of drawing, we will slowly move on to the world of colour... I am nervous excited! :)

And that's the whole lot!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I spent the past two evenings sorting out all the K-ARt365 artworks to make sure that they are actually there. Adding a picture to the album everyday, I think I forgot that I have actually created 365 little paintings - 365 actual pieces of art - it had all started feeling a bit virtual. Now, seeing them all together, piled up high, I am a bit amazed, amazed that I did it! So this is what a pile of 365 mini artworks looks like:

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