Hi there! I am Kavita Rajput, an illustrator based in New York City.  Growing up in Mumbai, I spent endless hours sketching and creating decorative henna and rangoli  patterns, finding constant inspiration in the celebration of color and patterns of India.


While I have been drawing and painting for most of my life, I never went to a formal art school. A graduate of the London Business School, I worked in banking through most of my 20s. An after-work watercolor class at the New York Academy of Art reminded me of my childhood dreams and changed the course of my life.

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Today, my greatest sense of gratitude comes from the fact that I get to draw and paint everyday. I love traditional watercolors and combining them with digital art. I love creating visual stories filled with lush color and decorative details. I love people watching, taking long walks in the city, watching Bollywood movies and having endless cups of chai. I have lived in Mumbai, London, Singapore and New York. I feel at home in large crowds of diverse people and love the anonymity of big city life. 

I really appreciate your visit! Drop me a note to say Hi.