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Children's Drawing Lessons - Testimonials

"Drawing is no doubt my daughter’s most favourite way to express her emotions and ideas. My daughter has found great enjoyment in taking lessons offered by Kavita. Kavita is very passionate about increasing joy and nurturing creativity in learning the art of drawing."

- Yunwen S (mother of an 8 year old student)

"Kavita or fondly known as Ms K is a brilliant art teacher and has such an amazing rapport with the kids. She teaches complex techniques with simplicity and the end results are fantastic! Being an artist herself, her passion for the subject is infectious. My daughter (aged 6) waits eagerly to go for her class every week :)"

- Reshma P (mother of a 6 year old student)

"I’m so happy with Kavita’s art classes. My son loves attending; he looks forward to it every week. In addition, his drawing as well as his fine motor skills have improved a lot. I highly recommend it!"

- Elizabeth L (mother of a 7 year old student)

"Kavita’s class is brilliant. My daughter looks forward to the class every week. The artwork she creates under Kavita’s direction is amazing. She has learned so much from Kavita. We hope to continue attending this class for years to come."

- Bhavana J (mother of a 9 year old student)

"Kavita's classes are so much fun and a great way to relax as well as develop new skills. She is a very good teacher and patient with beginners. I, as well as my family and friends were amazed by what I learned. Highly recommended!"

- Kristine R, March 2016

"Kavita taught me how to observe details in a photograph and presented any new information in a way I was able to understand. Kavita is a very dependable, patient and motivated teacher, who gives her students a lot of freedom to choose the subjects they like and at the same time, works with the student to give their best."
 - Abi, June 2016

"I have completed my first painting with Kavita's guidance and I am floored by the positive comments that came my way. Kavita is an extremely dedicated teacher who takes the time to explain the different techniques. She will also patiently answer any questions and is invested in making sure each and every painting is a success. I highly recommend her classes."
- Meg, Jan 2015

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