On 1st January 2015, I gave myself a challenge - to create 365 small (5 x 7") watercolor artworks within one year. At the end of the year, I had not only 365 little paintings but also a year full of learnings, inspiration and triumph.



The k-art365 collection paved it's own path as I went through the year. There were days when I couldn't stop painting in my mind, long after I had physically stopped painting. And there were days when I had to force myself to pick up my paint brush. There were days when the painting practically created itself. And there were days when, even after hours of working and re-working, I still wasn't happy with the result. There have been many learnings that have come through this journey. And a lot of them have little to do with the technicalities of art. It's been a journey of the spirit - of discipline, of commitment and above it all, of acceptance.  

Shown here are just 101 selected works from the k-art365 collection.

I hope you enjoy them. In September 2016, I held a solo show where all 365 paintings were displayed in a gallery in Singapore. For pictures from the Opening Evening of the k-art365 exhibition, click here.

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