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I believe that there lives an artist inside each and every one of us. All you need is a genuine interest and the right guidance to discover yours. And when you do, you will have found for yourself, a lifelong source of relaxation, joy, excitement and accomplishment.

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Drawing Lessons for children

Given the right structure and guidance in a non-competitive and non-judgemental environment, all children can learn how to draw realistically and develop a lifelong love for drawing. At the Kavita Rajput Art Studio, children aged 4 and up are taught how to observe things differently and to break up what they see into simple elements of shape that they can recognise and draw.  Older students when ready, are introduced to more advanced skills like perspective drawing, proportion, 3dimensional shading, realistic interpretation of the human form and portrait drawing. All classes are taught by artist Kavita Rajput. Please write to for more details.

Click here for the Class Schedule for children

Watercolour Lessons for Adults

Watercolour lessons for adults are held three times a week at the Kavita Rajput Art Studio in Tanglin Shopping Centre. Designed for absolute beginners, the students are offered step-by-step guidance in a friendly and relaxed environment. Please write to for more details.

Days and Timings:

Mondays   9:30am - 11:30am

Tuesdays   9:30am - 11:30am

Saturdays  9:30am - 11:30am


Kavita Rajput Art Studio

19 Tanglin Road

#04-18 Tanglin Shopping Centre

Singapore 247909

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